PROJECT > Still But Not Still

In recent years, there have been a proliferation of techniques that explore the boundaries between still images and moving pictures. Today’s cinema-graphs, GIFs, and looped videos are playfully reminiscent of the techniques such as chronophotography and zoetrope that belong to the infancy of the moving image. In re-composing graffiti coverup, I find myself staring at “still images” for a long time on various two dimensional urban surfaces. Sometimes this meditation is discreetly disrupted by a passer-by. This sub-series of graffiti coverup is at once an attempt to capture this personal experience as it is a reflection on the boundary between still and moving images.


Frint_ Adam_ 1

Frint_ Adam_ 4

Frint_ Adam_ 3

Frint_ Adam_ 2

Frint_ Adam_ 5


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