Adam is a photographer, designer and artist, living and working in Chicago. He is the founder of Adam Frint Photography (a traditional film and digital photography studio), Frint Inc. (an independent creative studio) and JNKCHL (a screen printing art studio). 

The core of Adam’s work is in large format black & white photography. His aesthetic is in part driven by the inherent properties of film along with the slow and intricate process of image making with the view camera. Having grown up in Ridott, Illinois (population 160), he is drawn to both rural and urban landscapes. He can be seen scouting locations in downtown as well as in small country roads with his view camera in the trunk, a DSLR on the passenger seat, and a smart phone in his pocket. He is drawn to the imperfections and impermanence of the ever-changing details, whether they manifest themselves in aging silos or in layers of street art.

Adam holds a BFA in Visual Communications, with a Minor in Photography from Northern Illinois University. He has been greatly influenced by Ansel Adams, László Moholy-Nagy, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Michael Kenna, and by his long-time mentor and friend Michael Johnson.  




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